"...So venceremos, beidh bua againn eigin lá eigin. Sealadaigh abú".
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5th-May-2017 11:21 pm

**Note for Dreamwidth site: This is a new import that I will be changing as time permits. I do not have the layout exactly as I wish at this time and will be adding to it. Please feel free to read and comment.

For several years on my journals devoted to Bobby, I have marked the anniversaries of all the hunger strikers as well as significant events. I would like now to refer people to the archive to look at the daily titles from last year, for example, in order to refresh their memory of the history of that time. If I find new articles or anything current to augment this journal, I will of course post it. For current events in the political situation, please refer to SAOIRSE32. I do monitor comments made here, so please feel free to post them.

Regretfully, I have had to introduce comment screening on this journal. It pains me greatly to discover a visible insult to Bobby or any of the brave hunger strikers, and I will no longer allow that to happen. I do have to approve all comments from non-friends now, but I do NOT screen your IP, and you may still comment anonymously. Your comment, if it is respectful, will appear after being seen by me. I do not have to agree with it, but I would like it to be respectful.

You may also read this journal at its alternate site on Blogspot: BOBBY SANDS or BOBBY SANDS on Lj.

The site search is located at the Lj site for now until Google becomes familiar with this location.

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Mural photo is a smaller version of the beautiful photograph by Conánn Fitzpatrick and is used with permission.
1st-Nov-2007 12:42 am (UTC) - SAOIRSE32
I am born in 1963 and raised by an grandfather who stod his groud against massive enemy forces in winter 1939 on the Finish eastfront in Kollaa. He was a quiet man and did not speak of the war, he was wounded badly as well during our struggle against soviet oppressors. But one thing he taught me, to hate oppressors. We lived on a small farm 2 kilometers from the soviet border. He used sometimes point his finger eastwards and say to me, keep an eye open to that direction, when it comes it will come from there. And be ready. For me Bobby Sands is a hero, as the others are, but his passing I remember best. Come spring and an yellow rose will be placed on his resting place by me. To my many Irish friends I am known as Rico from Finland and to the british scum that we fought in our traweller community in Tel-Aviv winter 1995, I do not know what they call me. And do not care. Today I live in peace, but their 3 pack commanders are not forgotten, oppressors, one day you will show in the wrong street corner, and then the wolf smiles opon you as It did in the good old days. I have made my political wievs public many times enough and that is the reason for my contribution here. For others I recommend Benachem Begins book "The Revolt". He was once the prime minister of Israel and had an 10.000 pound price on his head whilst living in Tel-Aviv. He was a freedom fighter aswell and in his book he writed that there is no difference between the Irish problem and the problem that brits caused whilst ruling Palestine, nowaday Israel.
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