"...So venceremos, beidh bua againn eigin lá eigin. Sealadaigh abú".
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11th-Sep-2008 02:00 am (UTC) - Bobby Sands, a brave man...
I just want to say, that first of all, i am a Prodestant.
I am old enough to remember the hungerstrike of 81, and as a prodestant i took no pleasure in the deaths of these brave men. It was a sad time for all.
I grew up in a loyalist area in Portadown, and i can remember being in a bar one night, and some young lad made a reference to Bobby Sands. A group of guys sitting drinking at a table, called the young lad over, and told him in no uncertain terms, that if he spoke out of place again about Bobby Sands, he would know about it. The guys were all olde school UVF men, some of whom would have been in jail at the time of the Hungerstikes.
What always stuck with me from that night in the bar, was something i heard one of the guys say to the young lad.
He said "Those guys died for what they believed in, they were brave men he said, and should be remembered as such, and not be dishonured because of their religion.
This did happen, and i just want to point out that although i am from a loyalist background, Bobby Sands, and the other 9 brave men were true soldiers to their cause, and i know that many prodestant people view their sacrifice with a great sadness, and their sacrifices should never ever be forgotten.
I just hope and pray that the dark days of the conflict are over, and that we can all, prodestant and catholic, can live on this great island in peace.
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